IC DI Standard 5.56


IC DI Standard 5.56
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Direct Impingement Done Right.  Step UP!

The LWRCI™ Di is made with the same craftsmanship and design excellence that comes with every LWRCI™ firearm. Built from the ground up to be more than just another direct impingement rifle, the LWRCI™ Di delivers the quality every rifle enthusiast demands with innovation that’s expected from LWRCI.
High Performance features like fully ambidextrous controls, monoforged upper receiver with modular one-piece free float rail, LWRCI™ Cold Hammer Forged Nicor-treated spiral fluted barrel.  Our innovative “keyless” bolt carrier design, combined with an operating system that is time-tested, makes the Di the perfect addition to the LWRCI™ lineup.

And, since the full ambidextrous lower receiver is compatible with the rest of our IC family, you can upgrade your Di to our flagship, piston-driven IC just by switching out the upper. Step Up to High Performance- Step Up to LWRCI™- DI!

LWRCI-Di Elevated. Improved. Enhanced.

Direct Impingement


  • BARREL 16.1” [40.9cm]
  • WEIGHT  6.6lbs [2.9kg]
  • O/A LENGTH 32″”-35.25″” [81.3-89.5cm]
  • RIFLING 1:7″” RH

According to Jeff Clemmer, vice president of product development for LWRC, this also results in a much longer-lasting barrel. First, there are no machining marks or other imperfections that give gas erosion a starting point. The chamber, leade and bore are all smooth and clear. Clemmer also states hammer-forging results in the metal being work-hardened, so it resists erosion and wear. Finally, the metal receives a NiCorr or Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) treatment. This is a precise, low-temperature, case-hardening treatment that produces an extremely hard, wear- and corrosion-resistant surface.

This process does not change the dimension of the metal like chrome-plating, which adds material. To chrome-plate, the steel tolerances must be adjusted to allow for the plating and the plating must be done correctly to achieve the precise dimension needed. That does not always happen, and I have encountered several barrels over the years with headspacing and/or pressure-related problems due to a faulty chrome-plating process. The FNC process eliminates those concerns and, according to Clemmer, it has shown to be a far better option in LWRC’s testing than chrome plating. In addition, the FNC process heats the metal to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, which also stress-relieves the barrel.


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