LWRC IC A5 I had a customer come in to the store the other day interested in purchasing their first AR 15. So the Customer asked me, “What is the Best AR 15 Rifle?“.

In my opinion the best AR 15 rifle on the market today is the LWRC IC A5.  LWRC AR 15 Rifles are manufactured under the tightest machining and specs of any AR 15 Rifle one the market today. LWRC AR 15 Rifles go Through the toughest and most rigorous product testing.


The LWRC IC A5 is a gas pistol AR 15 Rifle, it has a one piece Nickel Boron bolt carrier with re-leaf cuts into the rear of the carrier to let water and debris pass to eliminate catastrophic failure of the rifle. The LWRC IC A5 comes with a Heavy cold hammer forged spiral fluted barrel which lightens the barrel weight by 20% and makes the barrel more rigid while adding enhanced cooling properties. The LWRC IC A5 barrel is treated with the nicorr treatment which basically doubles the life expectancy over a chrome lined barrel.

The IC A5 has a mono forged upper receiver and 12″ free floating hand guard. The IC A5 also comes with a fully ambidextrous lower receiver, charging handle and sling adapter. The lower receiver has a set screw in the lower so you can adjust any slack that you may have between the upper and lower receiver, so you can make the fit as tight as you want.The LWRC IC A5 has a 1/7 twist rate and is accurate with the 62 grain bullet but it really likes 75-77 grain if you are shooting for accuracy.I have the 14.7 inch version and able to shoot 1/2 to 1/4 inch groups at 100 yrds with a nightforce 2.5 x 10. Hands down the LWRC IC A5 is the best AR 15 Rifle on the market today.

You can ask 100 people what is the best AR 15 Rifle and you may get a 100 different answers. In my opinion you cant go wrong with the LWRC.

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